Waterfall by Crown Group

Waterloo NSW Australia

A refined collection of three 7-storey buildings and a 20-storey sculptural tower, Waterfall establishes a new benchmark for integrating the natural landscape into the urban setting. Located at the intersection of O’Dea and Joynton Avenue and the future Rope Walk in Green Square, it activates a former industrial area undergoing significant change.

SJB was awarded the project as part of the City of Sydney Competitive Design Policy with a proposal that is sensitive to urban grain, texture, built form and public realm - guided by an approach to open up the buildings and let the landscape in. Inspired by cascading water and dense forests, the scale of Waterfall’s communal open space allows for the insertion of a significant landscape area, able to support large mature trees over time. Lush gardens frame a tranquil outdoor ‘billabong’ and bamboo-covered walkway on ground level.

Deep cuts into the floor plans ensure that a large number of dwellings enjoy naturally lit and ventilated bathrooms, kitchens and studies, in addition to corridor and lobby spaces. Materials in external spaces are robust to ensure longevity and sustainably sourced to manage their embodied energy.

Cascading down one of the four buildings is a spectacular seven-storey man-made waterfall – the tallest of its type in Australia, while a large-scale public artwork by Mika Utzon-Popov subtly ties the building to its surroundings. Sculpted from pre-cast structural concrete, the panels have a weathered sandstone-like texture, similar to that found within caves and canyons where flowing water erodes the wall to create a ripple effect, further enhancing the project’s sense of place. With its seamless integration of natural elements within a residential setting, Waterfall will contribute positively to the identity and future character of the area.


Crown Group 

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