The Lighthouse

Wyndham Harbour VIC Australia

The Lighthouse has a robust sculptural presence that shifts and glows as the changing light responds to the luminous surface. Positioned on the coast overlooking Wyndham Harbour, the multi-directional outlook allows the apartments to take full advantage of the beautiful views across the busy marina, to Port Phillip Bay and the Melbourne CBD.

The facade expression is all about opening the apertures to the view and expressing the modulation of the facade as an animated undulation while creating a series of homes that benefit fully from the views across the bay. Balconies and floor to ceiling windows invite the view into each home, however, the building itself is also intrinsic to the immediate vista from Quay Boulevard and the Marina. To this end, the form suggests a loose grid, where variations on framing shift between single volume delineation to double and triple storey expanses. The overall effect is one of rhythm that draws the eye upwards while negating repetition.

Finished in pure white, the lines are given further contrast through tinted glazing and recessed balcony lines. White is made even more luminous when framed with black. Recessed glazing, balustrades and frames sit back in black, enhancing through powerful contrast, the gridded, modernist identity of the ultra-white facade.

Natural light plays a significant role in the building’s presence and offers a constantly changing facade as shadow and light play across the surface. By night, the building is just as impressive with the white lines made sharp by the contrasting voids. Sketch-like and robust, the sculptural form is an elegant extension of the landscape that invites the gaze and welcomes its occupants home.

The golden light of sunset renders the building’s rectilinear geometry; planar forms and fresh white outlines take on the sun’s rosy hues before giving way to the orange and amber of twilight. Given the clarity of the frames in conjunction with the ambient light, the play of light allows the object of the building to change with the passing of the day. It’s a building that reflects its environment and reflects the experience of the coastal nature and the beautiful light experienced when away from the city.

Within the building, a landscaped area provides a communal space by way of a protected garden. Sheltered from the harsh south westerlies, the garden enjoys the northerly sun throughout the day. Here, foliage reveals and conceals to add depth and variation within the heart of the complex along with barbeque and picnicking facilities. Planted with coastal natives, the landscaping forms a visual continuation of the wetlands and parks surrounding The Lighthouse.


Wyndham Harbour

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