The Hermitage

Gledswood Hills NSW Australia

The Hermitage Sales and Information Centre. Photo by Graham Jepson. Courtesy of Sekisui House.  

The Hermitage, Gledswood Hills, is an evolving master planned community within the Camden local government area. Situated among natural hills and golf courses, the former dairy farm and Camden Valley Golf Resort have given way to a vibrant community, in what will ultimately accommodate over 1,200 dwellings, a mixed-use neighbourhood centre, recreation and community facilities, a local public school, and vast open spaces to meet the needs of the growing local community.

Streetscape featuring SHAWOOD Houses within Parkview Precinct, adjacent to Buckingham Park. Photo by Graham Jepson. Courtesy of Sekisui House.

An example of successful precinct planning that originates from policy development under the SEPP (Sydney Growth Centres) 2006 by the Department of Planning, the establishment of the Growth Centres Commission, the cooperation and adoption of the process by Camden Council, and the inclusion of landowners in the plan preparation; this process has then continued through successful implementation of the plan by the landowner, Sekisui House.

The Hermitage Masterplan. Courtesy of Sekisui House

Sekisui House have delivered their philosophy of ‘Satoyama,’ which refers to the concept of connecting people through ribbons of green space. The Hermitage sets a new benchmark in well-executed planning that seamlessly blends open spaces with advanced landscaping and mature trees, revegetated creek lines, and contemporary architecture to provide a sense of immediate character, belonging and community.

Play equipment with Gledswood Hills Reserve at The Hermitage, Gledswood Hills. Photo by Graham Jepson. Courtesy of Sekisui House.

SJB Planning has been involved in the delivery of The Hermitage community over the past 10 years, assisting the Department of Planning in the policy development, working with Camden Council through the plan preparation and continuing to work with Sekisui House in the delivery of the planning approval process.

Photo by Graham Jepson. Courtesy of Sekisui House.


Sekisui House Australia Pty Ltd

2018 Planning Institute of Australia Awards for Excellence NSW, From Plan to Place, Commendation

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