Surry Hills Village

Surry Hills NSW Australia

The winning entry in a City of Sydney Design Competition, our vision for reinvigorating the Surry Hills Village is to weave a new precinct into one of Sydney’s most historic suburbs. The 12,244 sqm site has been divided into seven ‘villages’, creating a grain and human scale in sympathy to the context.

A new approach to indoor and outdoor living within the apartment context has been realised through balconies and terraces, once the domain of ceramic tiles, giving way to lawns, planting and trees. In parallel to high quality private open space, we have designed a variety of communal open spaces for the residents to enjoy. From walled gardens for quiet contemplation and the occasional yoga class, courtyards for BBQs and community feasts, to roof gardens for veggie plantings and the occasional laying in the sun.

Retail includes a large supermarket below grade and a number of flexible tenancies that range from the prominent and highly trafficked spaces fronting Cleveland Street to the more intimate spaces within a new laneway. We believe that Surry Hills Village presents a vision of the future for large, dense suburban sites that balances the potential for urban renewal while supporting the fine grain and texture of existing communities.



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