St Margarets

Surry Hills NSW Australia

The redevelopment of St. Margarets Hospital served as the major catalyst for the regeneration of the Bourke Street, Surry Hills, which is now one of Sydney’s most popular inner-city suburbs. Thanks to a bustling café and bar scene, boutique shopping and the highly publicised cycle paths, the Bourke Street corridor is a symbol for successful urban regeneration. However, it wasn’t always like this. During the masterplanning of the former hospital site the team at SJB were faced with the challenge of returning a previous introverted and contained site into an accessible and active precinct.

Developing the site was an urban proposal to re-join it to its surrounding neighbourhood. The architectural heritage of the former public hospital and the chapel have been retained and reused, and the three new buildings enliven the space with playful architectural forms. The original street network of Surry Hills has been re-established.

Since its completion in 2002 the site has been moving through a process of gradual change and revitalisation,  match by the surrounding urban setting which has seen a new businesses and venues arriving each month. St Margarets is now a thriving mixed-use development, with an open public space at ground level servicing the 214 apartments it now accommodates.

The sun pours into the 1500m2 public space, the apartment buildings are full and the retailers are busily establishing their new ventures. St Margarets - the ‘urban village’ is open for business.


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