Square Peg Office Fitout

Richmond VIC Australia

Square Peg is a venture capital fund that invests in early stage tech focused companies in Australia, Israel and Southeast Asia. The brief called for. The brief called for a light and spacious interior with a sense of youthfulness and sophistication within a fairly unrefined warehouse shell in Richmond, Victoria, in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. 
They required a small number of shared workspaces for 6-8 people, informal meeting areas, a boardroom for 20 people and amenities to support a mixture of meeting types and attract like-minded business partners. The brief also called for a reception area, communal kitchen and plenty of plants.  
Within the open-plan, zones are partitioned using furniture and semi-permanent fixtures including custom shelving and floating acoustic walls suspended from the ceiling. Against the neutral backdrop of existing concrete floors and block walls, a palette of soft furnishings including deep crimson, greens and blues come richly to the foreground. Exposed brick walls on the upper level were white-washed to preserve their material texture in the mix.
The kitchen is the nucleus, located centrally between the floating partition and an enigmatic glass meeting pavilion, where sheer curtains and muted colours lend privacy and calm. By contrast, the entry is a dynamic, inviting space with striking artwork by Dale Frank and furniture by Swedese, Caselli and other exceptional makers.
Various shades of green in the soft furnishings and art are inspired by the Square Peg logo. These are accented with lime-washed timber in the meeting pavilion and an abundance of plants, they subconsciously echo the brand identity without direct imitation.
An eclectic mix of furnishings combines global and local classics from Cult, Hub Furniture, Supertuft and Australia’s Jardan, with lighting by Rankumba and custom pieces by Paris Decor, Made by Morgan and Lightforce lending a youthful, international edge.


Nicole England

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