Southern Sunshine Urban Design Framework

Southern Sunshine VIC Australia

SJB Urban prepared this UDF in parallel with the Regional Rail Link project and the new Sunshine Structure Plan. Prior to the RRL design process commencing, we prepared a draft Framework and numerous options for the future configuration of the Station environment, to inform and influence the RRL process.

The Framework incorporates an integrated Public Realm System of pedestrian spaces and links across the study area, linking key destinations and movement routes. The plans identify all the potential redevelopment areas and sites, and provides guidance in terms of future built form configurations and public realm outcomes.

SJB Urban also assisted the Department of Transport and Council with schematic options for the layout and configuration of the bus interchange at Sunshine Station, which is being delivered by the RRL project. SJB Urban’s design solution is to be implemented in this process, and formed part of our UDF report.


Department of Planning and Community Development, with Brimbank City Council

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