SÖHO Alexandria

Alexandria NSW Australia

This apartment building located on the edge of industrial South Sydney is wedged between large residential developments and industrial warehouses. In the heterogeneous urban context, it has a robust, individual character. The site is tight and the 19 affordable apartments are small yet don’t feel cramped. The design maximises solar amenity, building separation, cross-flow ventilation. Lobbies are turned inside-out to allow light and air through the development.

Ground-floor apartments make use of the existing masonry walls of the neighbouring factory to form private courtyards. At the top of the building, a metal-clad pavilion gives district views from the large roof terrace.

SÖHO achieves a lot of building on a small block, at the same time improving the neighbourhood and demonstrating sustainable, medium-density development. It is a popular formula. Apartments were sold out within the first week of marketing.

In addition, SJB provided planning advice concerning the residential building in the form of a VPA and preparation of the Statement of Environmental Effects and supporting documentation for the Development Application. The VPA included a monetary contribution towards Council’s public domain improvement plan.


Rubicon Property

Number of Apartments

2012 Australian Institute of Architects (NSW) Multiple Housing Award

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