SJB Sydney Studio

Surry Hills NSW Australia

SJB embarked on a major renovation of our Crown Street premises in Surry Hills. This expansion of the practice’s work areas provided an opportunity to distil our core value of creating spaces that people love into the workplace setting. In a nod to the growing shift towards more authentic and friendlier workplace design, domestic materials and finishes were embraced tocreate a residential feel and fine grain interior.

The refurbished office fosters a collegial atmosphere with desks and workspaces that enable people to work together in stream arrangements and to collaborate using informal break-outspaces, maximising access to abundant natural light and views out to the neighbourhood. External decks provide a connection to the outdoors and a visual uplift that fosters a sense of well-being, improving comfort and productivity. At the heart of the fit-out is a generous multifunctional kitchen and library large enough to accommodate events and meetings alongside providing essential day-to-day amenity



Dulux Colour Awards 2020, Commercial - Workplace and Retail, Finalist

Interior Design Excellence Awards 2020, Workplace, Finalist

Interior Design Excellence Awards 2020, Colour, Finalist

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