Richmond Quarter

Richmond VIC Australia

Richmond Quarter is a true mixed-use precinct and represents a complete revitalisation of the Coles arcade on Bridge Road that in recent years had seen poor utilisation and activation of tenancies. This upgrade sees the establishment of an entire village, complete with an extensive residential offering, a vibrant market hall, full-line supermarket, fine grain tenancies, and highly activated laneways.

The site is intended to go from a poorly utilised corner precinct, to a highly active and re-energised, community offering serving both its vertical village immediately above, and the surrounding neighbourhood.

A series of laneways punctuate and permeate the site allowing not only great access through the development but also fine grain tenancies that thrive in a the narrower, more ‘hidden’ locations—further adding to the laneway phenomenon synonymous with Melbourne’s retail, café and restaurant scene.

Extensive gardens and landscaped areas throughout and over the building – particularly the podium areas – provide significant outdoor settings for residents, reduce urban heat island effects, and enhance the mental wellness of tenants, visitors and shoppers.

Materially and architecturally the buildings take cues from the rich industrial past Richmond is known for. Use of textural, profiled concrete, metal roofing and detailing – reminiscent of the sawtooth warehouses, and extensive use of brickwork that also echoes memories of Richmond’s industrial past.

This project is a highly innovative study in urban living and design, responding to the rapidly evolving Melbourne context.

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