Pacific Dunes

Medowie NSW Australia
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The Pacific Dunes Estate is an integrated residential housing development centred around an 18-hole golf course approximately 2.5 kilometres south of Medowie town centre within the Port Stephens Council area. The championship golf course is well established and is complemented by a range of existing housing successfully developed within the community title estate.

The planning proposal aims to progress further stages of development with the introduction of an expanded range of housing types within the overarching community structure, adding to the diverse and sustainable estate. The site also includes some outstanding environmental attributes and the proposal is to consolidate the environmentally sensitive land within an environmental land use zone.

The planning proposal suggests appropriate amendments to the existing statutory planning regime for the site in order to:

  • Rezone a significant area of privately owned environmentally sensitive land, from the current special recreation open space zone, to an environmental protection zone;
  • Rezone to residential, a precinct within the estate that has been previously identified as the village centre precinct, including short term tourist accommodation, which is currently zoned as special recreation open space. This precinct is proposed to accommodate a range of medium and small lot residential development
  • Rezone some existing residential precincts within the estate from special recreation and rural small holdings to residential, and also amend the minimum subdivision lot sizes for these precincts.

The planning proposal seeks to achieve a sustainable golf course estate, establishing a framework for a viable course and associated facilities into the future. Additional residential development across the estate will assist with this objective. Consistent with this objective the RCL Group has recently gained development consent for a new golf and country club and community park upgrade, in parallel with the lodgement of the planning proposal. 

Port Stephens Council and the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure have approved the planning proposal for community consultation and government agency consultation.

SJB Planning has been working with the RCL Group over a number of years in negotiating with the Council and the community the agreed rezoning of land, layout of the estate and the desired environmental outcomes for the site. SJB Planning has also prepared the recently approved golf and country club and community park upgrade development applications.

Dealing with the large and complex site has involved collaboration with a number of leading consultancies. These have included:

  • Dickson Rothschild Architecture and Urban Design
  • Suters Architects
  • Monteath and Powys Consulting Surveyors and Planners
  • Thompson Stanbury Associates Transport Consultants
  • Peak Land Management
  • Eco Logical Australia
  • DHI Water Environment Health
  • Wilkinson and Murray Acoustics and Air
  • Coffey Environments
  • Straight Talk
  • Equity Development Management Project Managers

Medowie, NSW

Planning proposal approved by Port Stephens Council and NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure for community consultation.

Urban Planning

Stuart McDonald, Director
Scott Barwick, Associate Director

RCL Group Limited


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