Pace of Collingwood

Collingwood VIC Australia

Consisting of 79 apartments, Pace of Collingwood apartments are designed with large, open planned spaces allowing an abundant amount of natural light to infiltrate, and are complemented with generous balconies boasting astounding views.

The building anchors the corners of both Wellington and Cambridge Streets and responds to its long, linear address along Langridge Street by articulating the form of the building into four distinct parts. This creates a finer grain and breaks down the apparent length of the building while still defining a strong podium that grounds the building. A sculptural upper level ‘crown’ element ties the parts together and creates a rhythmic silhouette against the sky.

The building is an architectural response to the materiality, grain and typology of Collingwood and retains a certain grit and character inspired by the adjoining factories and warehouses. All residents will be able to enjoy a charming landscaped pocket park that sits atop the building. The rooftop park will include dining and leisure facilities in which to sit back, relax and take in the spectacular skyline views.

The finished development will feature three retail tenancies interacting with the street and car spaces will come as standard with every apartment with bicycle racks and high security access for the residents’ safety.


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