Orana in Residence

Surry Hills NSW Australia

Restaurant Orana is the brain-child of chef Jock Zonfrillo, a champion of native and local Australian ingredients at his Adelaide restaurant where Indigenous gathering and cooking techniques are translated into an exceptional fine dining experience.

Tasked with designing the month-long Orana in Residence pop-up at the former Longrain site in Surry Hills, SJB has reinterpreted the intimate nature of this acclaimed Adelaide restaurant in Sydney with a lush and sensory fit-out that acknowledges its location.

Recognising that Orana is a restaurant deeply connected to context, celebrating an approach to food that is unique and specific, the interior fosters a dining experience that respects this commitment and engagement. Rather than a predictable global sparkling harbour interpretation, SJB’s design is inspired by the natural landscape that now lies beneath contemporary Surry Hills.

By drawing out the specificity of place, revealing how a dining experience in Sydney is identifiably different to that of Adelaide, the intent is that the ancient sand dunes, sandstone outcrops, banksia trees and wetland plantings that lie beneath contemporary Surry Hills make their way back into the minds of Orana diners.


Felix Forest

Tracey Deep Floral Sculptures

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