Newcastle East End

Newcastle NSW Australia

In 2013, SJB was awarded the masterplan for the Newcastle CBD with then owners of the site, UrbanGrowth and GPT. SJB completed extensive community consultation and were determined to bring new life to the neglected centre of Newcastle. 

In 2016, the site was purchased by Iris Capital, and SJB were appointed Executive Architect of Stage 1, working in collaboration with Durbach Block Jaggers and Tonkin Zulaikha Greer. 

Working collaboratively with the Newcastle City Council’s Urban Design Consultative Group and Government Architects, a number of arbitrary planning constraints were made flexible, facilitating greater potential for a built outcome appropriate to the site, the city and the community.  

Building envelopes are shaped to provide a sympathetic context for existing buildings, mirroring street wall and building edge conditions, and hollowing out the centre of stage 1 to allow sunlight into the central “public heart” formed by a new internal laneway through the site. 

Consistent design approach across the development based on extensive research into the built fabric of Newcastle has resulted in 4 exceptional buildings that reflect a shared agenda to retain historical fabric while referencing the nuances of the city surrounds.

To reinvent a city you need to reinvent the processes that bring new buildings to fruition. Newcastle East End sets a wonderful benchmark for how a collective of architects and local councils can work together to achieve development that is characterful, vibrant, viable and sustainable.

Durbach Blcok Jaggers-designed Fabric House, right in brick, SJB-designed Perkins and King, left in white, and Tonkin Zulaikha Greer-designed Washington House, centre (obscured). SJB-designed QT Hotel under construction until early 2022.


Iris Capital

Urban Design

Contributing Architects
Durback Block Jaggers
Tonkin Zulaikha Greer

Tom Roe

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