Green Square Town Centre

Green Square Town Centre NSW Australia

Green Square Town Centre is one of the largest urban redevelopment projects in Australia and will deliver a new, integrated mix of employment, retail, community and residential land uses around the existing Green Square railway station.

SJB's planning proposal on behalf of Landcom, Mirvac and Leighton Properties (LML) set out new planning controls for core sites in Green Square town centre.

The controls were designed to enhance environmental and public domain outcomes. They were adopted by the City of Sydney Council and the Central Sydney Planning Committee in December 2011.

The town centre will set new benchmarks in public domain design and ecologically sustainable development. Buildings will be designed and constructed for connection to the Council’s proposed Green Infrastructure tri-generation, non-potable recycled water and automated waste systems.
The LML land covers 5.17 hectares, approximately 40 per cent of the town centre. The redevelopment will include new roads, public plazas and open space.

The three LML sites in the Green Square town centre are zoned mixed-use. They include 210,312m² Gross Floor Area (GFA) comprising:

_Commercial 48,605m²  (23 per cent)
_Retail 12,616m² (6 per cent)
_Residential 149,090m² (71 per cent)

SJB's involvement has included extensive liaison and negotiation with the Council, CSPC and government agencies, and presentations to community forums and public meetings.

SJB will continue to be involved with the project, moving to development applications for new infrastructure and buildings.


Landcom, Mirvac and Leighton Properties

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