Harmonisation and Review of Georges River Council Development Control Plans, Stage 3 - Residential

Sydney NSW Australia

Stage 3 of the Georges River Council’s (GRC) Harmonisation and Review of Council DCP’s involved the review and analysis of the four (4) existing Kogarah and Hurstville DCP’s for the new Georges River Comprehensive Development Control Plan (DCP). This included the preparation of the Low Density Residential, Medium Density Residential and High Density Residential Chapters of the Comprehensive DCP.

Key to the review and harmonisation was the identification of inconsistencies in controls across the DCP’s and reviewing best practice examples to establish the preferred control. A plain English and simplification approach was taken, to improve legibility and minimise text to ensure objectives and controls can be easily interpreted. Notably, the Medium Density Residential Chapter included preparing new controls for dwelling typologies envisaged under the Low-Rise Medium Density Code, including Manor Housing and Terraces currently not seen across the GRC local government area. This involved reviewing the Low-Rise Medium Density Design Guide, detailed testing and analysis of building footprints for each dwelling typology and preparation of controls that responded to the desired character and housing needs of the GRC local government area and the interface of new typologies with lower density residential zones.

Another key component of the harmonisation of the DCP’s, was the preparation of High Density Residential Controls that responded to greater density and height being permitted in a number of residential precincts than was previously envisaged. This created sensitive interfaces where R4 High Density zoned land shared a boundary with R2 Low Density Residential zoned land.

The new controls sought to complement rather than duplicate the development standards in the LEP and the provisions of SEPP 65, as well as incorporating landscape buffer controls between properties and additional basements setback to permit increased canopy tree planting between shared property boundaries and the public domain.

The project involved engagement with Council staff via workshops, meetings with senior staff and presentations to GRC Councillors throughout the process. This project is currently ongoing with final documents to be completed in May 2020.


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