Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina

Port Douglas QLD Australia

Reinvigorating and revitalising the Port Douglas waterfront, The Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina, Port Douglas redevelopment will create a vibrant new environment. 

Comprising restaurants, villas, luxury accommodation, retail and gardens, the redevelopment will provide a world-class hotel and residential offering attracting local and international guests. 

Conceptually the ‘Superyacht Marina’ is inspired by the reef’s ecosystem structure and ecology, with a 5-star hotel anchoring the site, the design language reflecting the Port Douglas location with contemporary, tropical styling.  

New food and beverage premises at the ‘gateway’ to the site will provide a vibrant offering for guests, visitors and residents of the development. A cocktail bar will provide another striking piece of architecture for the area and a place to meet, relax, watch the sunset and take in the stunning natural surrounds of Port Douglas.

Instantly identifiable, with the highest level of accommodation and amenity, the hotel will be clearly distinctive, but also aesthetically connected to the environment and immediate context. Locally sourced materials and highest standard environmental and ecological performance reflect the project’s philosophy of ‘responsible luxury’. 

In stark contrast to the existing condition, the site has been re-imagined as a car-free ground plane, with all parking placed underground. This allows a completely pedestrianised and walkable environment with extensive gardens, boardwalks and tree-lined paths in and around the marina, hotel and villas.


Crystalbrook Collection 

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