Clark House

East Melbourne VIC Australia

Designed and built in 1869 by John James Clark as his private home, it was imperative to restore and refresh this magnificent home with gravitas. Removing an octagonal gazebo, the home is newly extended, while interiors are clarified and visually softened to position the age and significance of the home as paramount.

The house is of great architectural significance and, as such, we worked with Heritage Victoria and Council for two and a half years to ensure all aspects of the heritage home were respectfully retained and acknowledged.  Key elements to the home’s significance include the stark white exterior, the ironwork columns and timber fret work. Comprising of two grand rooms at both the ground and upper level, the house is very much divided between front of house and back.

The extension is in fact highly contemporary with a palette of grey black and white delivered as long, horizontal planes. Stark black and white artworks, black steel framed windows and an abundance of white walls mimic the palette of the heritage portion without mimicking style. The continuation of a loose collection of contemporary and traditional furnishings further ties the two portions.


Shortlisted 2018 Australian Interior Design Awards, Residential Design

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