Bondi Master Plan

Bondi NSW Australia

Jonathan Knapp was selected by Waverley Council to attend a 2-day design workshop for the Bondi Master Plan and Plan of Management. The purpose of the workshop was to review the findings of the council's preliminary analysis and community consultation process, and work with the council staff to prepare a comprehensive and deliverable master plan for this important public space and cultural icon. Facilitated by Leonard Lynch (landscape architect) in conjunction with Peter Tonkin (architect) and Libby Gallagher (landscape architect), the team tested and developed the preliminary ideas prepared by Waverley Council staff.The outcome of the workshop was the establishment of a single vision for Bondi Beach that could be developed over the short, medium and long term.

A significant urban outcome was the relocation of public car parking from the beachfront to a multi-storey car park positioned below the level of Campbell Parade. A new landscaped area across the roof of the car park will provide improved connectivity between the Bondi town centre, the Pavilion, and the beach. The master plan proposes improvements to the quality and quantity of passive and active recreational facilities, including children's play spaces and exercise equipment. Essential public amenities, such as public toilets, rubbish bins and public seating will be improved to meet the immense demand during peak summer periods. A critical requirement of the master plan was to provide the balance between the demands placed on Bondi Beach over the course of a day, week, season and year.

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