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Propelled by growth and functionality requirements, in 2016 BMW Group (Munich) commenced a redevelopment of its existing site at Rushcutters Bay in Sydney, appointing SJB to design a new consolidated BMW and MINI facility that reflects the design ingenuity of this iconic brand. Located at a busy intersection splicing three eastern suburbs the contrasting character of each influences the exposure of the two brands, with the development designed to stand apart as distinct buildings. 

BMW is defined by the roadway with a dynamic linear display of cars framed to the street by continuous and cantilevering white painted concrete slabs and glass walls. The strong gridded aesthetic and black metal facade of the MINI building presents a sophisticated contrast to the transparency of the main showroom and is completed by a spectacular large-scale public artwork by sisters, Sarrita and Tarisse King, embedded in the perforated panels of the facade. 

A considered approach to lighting is paramount to the presentation of the car displays. Custom designed M-Series grid light pendants and track lights are coordinated with car locations while a large skylight brings daylight in, elevating the customer experience. The uniting element of a large silver metal clad roof soars above the buildings, protecting the surrounding outdoor areas and controlling the environment of the spaces between.

At the heart of the facility is a customer hub punctured with lush greenery offering an atmospheric oasis like retreat. A wire mesh screen around the carpark acts as a trellis for the climber plants located across the facade, extending the greenery that ties together the site and enhancing the naturally ventilated carpark in keeping with industry best practice and sustainability initiatives.

Project Name

BMW and Mini

Rushcutters Bay NSW Australia


BMW Group (Munich) appointment SJB in February 2016 to design the new BMW and MINI Showroom in a proposed redevelopment of the existing facility in Rushcutters Bay, Sydney.


Formerly the Australia Post mail exchange, the current building underwent significant changes in 1994 to accommodate the BMW brand. Due to growth and functionality requirements, the showroom is to undergo a complete redevelopment with the demolition of all existing buildings and structures to create a newly constructed consolidated facility.


The new showroom presents an opportunity to develop an architecture that is integral to the BMW and MINI brand on both a local and international scale. As the site is a focal point at the junction between three distinct suburbs; Darlinghurst, Kings Cross and Rushcutters Bay where the contrasting characteristics of each suburb influences aspects of the site layout, particularly related to exposure of the two brands. Internationally, we have an opportunity to provide an award winning design that attracts the same admiration that the Munich and Japan showrooms achieve.



Journey to My Country by Tarisse and Sarrita King

Black Beetle

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