Art Series Hotel

Brisbane Wharves QLD Australia

Located under the impressive and imposing Storey Bridge on Brisbane Wharves, and hugging the contour of the cliff, the hotel exists as a highly articulated, ‘earthy’ building. Integral to its design was the idea that the building blends in with the backdrop – the cliff. This approach encouraged a design that allowed the heritage buildings along the water­front to be uncompromised, and clearly distinguishable. The hotel building takes great reference from the faceted and fragmented nature of the cliff, while also picking up on the characteristic red and sandy, earthy tones.

Comprising of 164 suites the hotel layers a calibre of luxury with a garden oasis, private pool and sun lounges on the rooftop that overlook spectacular views across the river, and of the Story Bridge. The hotel also provides much needed retail with food and beverage tenancies at the ground level, delivering amenity whilst activating the foreshore for both the public and hotel guests. A high level of accommodation is proposed for the Art Series Hotel, that contributes to the newly invigorated and activated Howard Smith Wharves precinct.  


Deague Group

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