362 Oxford Street

Bondi Junction NSW Australia

The heritage listed mixed use site is located on the prominent Oxford Street in Bondi Junction, within walking distance to the train station and Westfield shopping mall. The design aims to retain facades of seven, 2 storey, late Victorian shop top housing lots. The ground floor is designed to activate Oxford Street with 5 double height retail spaces and two separate double height entry lobbies for the serviced and residential apartments.

The design principle is primarily based on treating the urban block in its entirety, whilst also allowing opportunities for future development. The area is currently undergoing transformation to mixed uses of taller forms. The new slender tower form is setback and vertically separated from the heritage streetscape by the podium terrace. 

The proposal incorporates a number of principles of sustainability with extensive landscaping to roofs and natural ventilation to corridors and a majority of apartments. Whilst driven by the overshadowing of the north facade, the location and design of the apartments maximises solar access to living areas. The design incorporates robust materials and colours which require minimal maintenance and complement the urban space.

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