Kabuki Drop Saturday Indesign

July 2019

SJB+Brickworks were delighted to be a part of this year’s Saturday Indesign exhibition.

In collaboration with Brickworks, ‘Kabuki Drop’ is a modern interpretation of an ancient Japanese theatrical technique, offering a glimpse into the future of augmented construction methodology. The exhibition demonstrated the versatility of bricks, not just in its current use, but with some view of its future use and construction process. 

Initially, with plans to build a physical model in the Brickworks showroom, we wanted to turn the traditional ‘view’ of bricks on its head and decided to use this virtual technology through a complex, optical generation of imagery and constructed reality.

In exploring the techniques of parametric coding and Augmented Reality construction, we became engaged with the technological aspect and wanted Saturday Indesign visitors to share in the visually augmented experience of this complex and fabric-like installation.

Collaborating with Brickworks offered a fantastic opportunity to work with a product manufacturer that has a real interest in design, in pushing and promoting design, and in design exploration, research and innovation.

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