Building our future

July 2017

It is with great pride that we announce the new appointments in our Sydney Architecture and Urban Design disciplines. 

We are incredibly excited about these promotions and the opportunity it presents to extend our knowledge base, broaden our perspectives, and nurture our talented team. We believe the ultimate winners will not only be our clients and the projects we deliver, but the future of SJB.

In making these promotions we have considered many factors; talent, experience, aptitude, attitude and equity. Each individual has made an important contribution to the success and growth of the practice, including the values that shape our projects and the way we work.

These appointments are of course not an end point, but simply the start. There are many talented people who exist in, and will rise through the business over time. We are all looking forward to a bright future as our knowledge and leadership continues to expand, and trust that you will help us congratulate the new appointments.

The Directors
Adam Haddow, John Pradel, Jonathan Knapp and Nick Hatzi


Sevda Cetin
Stefanie Hughes
Howe Law
Elizabeth Metlikovec
Emily Wombwell

Senior Associate

Monica Edwards
Klaude Lania
Joseph Loh
Gabrielle Suhr
Jonathan Tondi

Associate Director

Francisco Layson
Marcus Lewin
Charles Peters

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